Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Wineskin

In the beginning was the God concept. 
And that concept was wrong because "no one has ever seen God."[1] 

And the God concept became like a wineskin and was filled with ideas about what God was like. 

And the wineskin was ancient and deeply held and human beings hated and killed the "other" to protect it.

The wineskin was not God but instead was full of the lies we tell about him. But we only lie because we live in darkness but oh how we love our wineskin.

But suddenly someone saw God[2] and he knew that the wineskins were dry, rotting, and worthless.

And many of good intent tried to put this One into the wineskin, and thought we succeeded. But in so doing only spread the lies now to the One lest the wineskin should burst as it could only contain lies and not The Truth.

And we poured wrath from our wineskins and said:
"Away with the foreigner, let's build a wall."

And the One said: " I was a stranger, and you welcomed me."

And we poured wrath from our wineskins and said:
"Death and vengeance to our enemies!"

And the one said: "But I say to you, love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you"

And our wineskins, which should now be strained, we only held more tightly.

And we poured wrath from our wineskins and said:
"God will judge us because of those 'others' and we must stand against them!"

And the one said: "the way that you judge others will be the way that you will be judged, and you will be evaluated by the standard with which you evaluate others." "Let the person among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone..."

" the people of Sodom and its nearby villages were never as sinful as you. They were arrogant and spoiled; they had everything they needed and still refused to help the poor and needy. They thought they were better than everyone else..."

And we poured wrath from our wineskins and said:
"Crucify HIM!"

And the One said:
"Father forgive them; they don't know what they are doing!"

[1] John 1:18
[2] John 1:18b

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